ADULT CLASS (Gospel Seekers)


We meet in the Fellowship Hall at tables, spaced appropriately apart.

9 AM, Sunday monings.

We are currently using a teleconferencing mode as well                                                                                                                              dial 1-605-475-2875 and when promted  to join, #5341354

We are studying Great Chapter of the Bible, led by Bro Len Redding.

We have "rocket fuel" and occassionally, eats.

We use ONLY the Holy Bible to study with. Any other book is just a commentary/reference.

We believe Christ died for our sins by crucifixion, He was buried, He rose again the third day, He ascended to Heaven,  and He will return for His children. Only believer i Christ are Children of God. Others are His creation. To be a child of God you must believe His blood purified us through His death.